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Before you go... on safari in India,
you'll need to get a handy primer. DK publishes a definitive one, A Field Guide to Indian Mammals, but here's our take on some of the stranger action we saw.

Chital: This spotted deer commonly inhabits wooded regions of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India - way too commonly.

Indian Roller: The prettiest of 18 species of birds we saw, this cerulean-winged beauty queen looks like she received some touch-ups from Picasso's brush.

Sambar: It's the Indian version of the Asian deer, and if it weren't for the tigers, sambars would probably eat chital for breakfast. Good riddance.

Gaur: This coffee-brown ox is roughly the size of a Mini Cooper - give or take a pound or two.

Nilgai: This antelope, also known as a blue bull, appears to be half horse, half deer. It turns out that there are even a few in Texas. Who knew?

If You Go... 

For information on Taj and CC Africa's jungle safaris in India, visit www.tajsafaris.com or call (866) 969-1825.

If you're interested in helping to save a tiger, check out Project Tiger (www.projecttiger.nic.in), an Indian government initiative launched in 1973 and championed by former prime minister Indira Ghandi.

American Airlines offers daily round-trip service between Chicago and Delhi. From Delhi, AAdvantage partner Air Sahara (www.airsahara.net) offers one daily round-trip flight to Nagpur and one daily round-trip flight to Khajuraho. Air Deccan (www.airdeccan.com) offers one daily round-trip flight to Jabalpur.