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Blackbeard is not Ian McShane’s first swashbuckling dalliance. Here are his other brushes with pirate life.

Captain Hook in Shrek the Third (2007)
McShane joined the popular cartoon franchise in its third act, voicing the famously crocodile-fearing seafarer, who is rumored to be Blackbeard’s boatswain.

Rashid in The Pirate (1978)
McShane didn’t play a pirate in this TV movie based on a Harold Robbins pulp novel, but he encountered some instead. “They ran me off a cliff in that one,” he says. “Literally.”

Sir James Camden in Fantastic Journey (1977)
Pantaloons and giant swords took center stage when an early-career McShane appeared in this TV movie as an alien-battling pirate in the Bermuda Triangle.