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Swashbuckling and seafaring agrees with Ian McShane, the newest member of the Pirates of the Caribbean cast.

For drama veteran Ian McShane, whose résumé includes work on Deadwood and NBC’s short-lived Kings, making this month’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in London, Los Angeles and various cities in Hawaii was “like a six-month vacation” — even if he spent most of it soaking wet and brandishing a giant sword. “You never know if you want it to be over soon or if you wish it would never end,” laughs the 68-year-old Englishman. “Either way, I’m a part of Disneyland forever now, and they made a doll out of me. That doesn’t happen on every film.”

American Way: Audiences seem to have an insatiable hunger for sequels these days. Why should we see Pirates 4?
Ian McShane: It’s better than the others. We’ve gone back to the first episode’s character and plot development. Everybody’s double-crossing everybody and having a high old time.

AW: How’s the Blackbeard doll?
IM: It almost looks like me. [Laughs] God help the child who plays with it.

AW: You’ve always had a knack for playing villains.
IM: I went to drama school at a time when Albert Finney and Alec Guinness had laid the dramatic groundwork. I quickly warmed to playing the rebel. The Devil gets the best tunes, you know.

AW: You’re the son of a former Manchester United soccer player, and you played a bit yourself. What’s the difference between stadium cheers and theatrical ovations?
IM: As a footballer, the abuse you get in public, while you’re playing, is just unbelievable. Relentless. They tear you apart. In theater, they wait to savage you in print. [Laughs]

AW: A couple of years ago, GQ named you Man of the Year. What was that like?
IM: I got to have dinner with Dustin Hoffman, which was nice. And they gave me a watch, which was also nice, because a man should always be punctual. The next year, I got to watch someone else be named Man of the Year, and I wondered, “Well, why aren’t they giving me this award every year?”