You know about ordering computers and groceries via the Internet, but did you know you can also log on to solve your larger life issues?

Busy travelers can now “free themselves to succeed” via weekly visits to’s 10-step, private online therapy program. “Your computer, holding so much personal information, can become an extension of your own brain,” says creator Howard Wallman, a licensed marriage and family therapist based in Los Angeles. “The interactive nature of the Internet allows you to virtually talk back to yourself in similar ways a therapist would. It can become the aha experience therapists want for their clients, and may actually be more powerful because you do it yourself.” promises complete anonymity. Users are the only ones with access to their user name and password; personal responses are not associated with users’ real names or e-mail addresses. The $125 interactive program walks participants through steps, with results seen immediately on-screen, and which can be printed out in a personal guidebook, now being offered at an introductory price of $39.95, for later reference. “The ‘Free Yourself To Succeed’ process is a different approach that’s much more than a Band-Aid for your problems,” says Wallman. “It’s designed to help change your behavior from the inside out. And it’s based on a positive approach that focuses on your strengths — your natural gifts — rather than just bemoaning the past.”

Free trials are available by logging on to