"This is a truly global company, and most of us can speak very good English...I think I will manage the best I can, and I will need a lot of help." — Sir Howard Stringer, the Welsh-born exec who is the first non-Japanese to head Sony. Stringer does not speak Japanese.

Getting Personal - The new must-have for the road warrior: a small, wireless travel router that frees you from nagging worries about finding the next Wi-Fi hot spot in a lobby, coffee shop, or airport. With D-Link’s Pocket Router/AP, Netgear’s Travel Router, or 3Com’s Office Connect (each $60 to $80), just plug one end of the gadget into any Ethernet connection, then plug the other end into a wall socket. Moments later, you’ll rule your own high-speed personal area network covering approximately 60 feet. Enabling security features can take a bit longer, but let this ease the pain: You’re not paying any monthly fees to network operators. Available at Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, www.buy.com, and www.amazon.com. $80.