Kerry Park, Second Avenue and Highland Drive, atop Queen Anne Hill
- First off, let's get this straight. No view of Seattle is complete unless the Space Needle is in it, which means the awesome view from the top of "George's House" (as in George Jetson) can't compete. That's why everyone from amateur photographers to network news anchors traditionally sets up picture-perfect Seattle shots at Kerry Park. Looking north to south - precisely opposite the Seahawks Stadium view - the park takes in the mirror image of that site, but also includes, on a clear day, majestic Mt. Rainier.

Uwajimaya Village
, 600 Fifth Ave. S., (206) 624-6248 - The truth is, Seattle's International District was dull as day-old noodles for a number of years. Then came the 2000 opening of the Uwajimaya Asian grocery and shopping center in the heart of the neighborhood. The Asian-products mini-empire (the company has stores in Bellevue, Washington, and Beaverton, Oregon) dramatically increased area commerce - Uwajimaya's sales alone went from $75 million in 2000 to $88 million in 2001. More importantly, increased foot and car traffic has helped revitalize the entire area. With choices ranging from the classy fusion sit-down of Chinoise to quickie Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese spots, the all-Asian food court is just one of the features that attract hungry locals from around town.

The AVE, University Way N.E.
at University of Washington campus - The domain of intellectuals, bohemians, and Greeks in search of enlightenment among an array of bookstores and cheap, international cafes - teriyaki, kabobs, piroshkis, you name it - has gotten a bit run down. We're not bashing the place, even the city of Seattle agrees. Which is why it launched the Rebuilding of the AVE project in the summer of 2002. While water, electric, and gas lines are being replaced and other improvements are being made, the street is about as neat as a 15-year-old's bedroom. By the expected fall completion of the project, however, the spiffed up AVE should be back on the list of trendy "new" hangouts.