IROBOT LOOJ > Gutter cleaning is a thankless job. Sure, it prevents water damage and insect infestation, but no one can admire your handiwork without a ladder. So, make the job fun. The remote-controlled Looj motors through gutter debris like it's a mole digging a tunnel. 

$100 for basic model.


PILKINGTON ACTIV NEUTRAL SELF-CLEANING WINDOWS> A nanotech film uses sunlight to break down soil, and it spreads raindrops into a sheet of water so that dirt is swept away without leaving spots. Plus, its solar-control coating keeps you cool without blocking or coloring natural light. Prices vary depending on window size and coating selection.


REJUVENATE FLOOR RENEWER > Think your tired, old flooring needs replacing? Maybe it doesn't. Rejuvenate's floor-restoring system uses a polymer to fill scratches and restore shine to hardwoods, ceramic tile, slate, marble, cork, and more. Restoration kit includes applicators, stain remover, and solutions.