It used to be that spring fever was all about romance and road trips. Now you lust after power tools and lose sleep over your home's annoying little foibles. (When you end up in Home Depot for the third time in three fine spring days, you'll know what we're talking about.) But you can make all those home improvements a little easier this year with the help of these new products. How easy? Well, you can cross window washing right off your spring-cleaning list. - Tracy Staton



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AIRFLOW REGISTER BOOSTER FAN> Every house has a vent or two that behaves like a rebellious teenager and refuses to perform like the rest of the system. AirFlow uses a plug-in fan to pull extra warm or cool air out of weak registers. Unlike a teen, AirFlow runs at the speed you select - and it's energy-efficient.


ILLUSION MOVING ART FLAT-SCREEN-TV DISGUISE> Your LCD television looked perfect at first, but now you'd like to camouflage that dead gray screen. Illusion Moving Art frames your TV like artwork, and at the flick of the remote, a giclée overlay - in the print of your choice - scrolls down to cover the screen. Higher-end versions tilt and swivel the TV for angled viewing.
From $3,950.