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Color us happy. It’s that time of year again: time to shower those around you with gifts galore. From gear to home accessories to toys for the tots and trinkets for the apple of your eye, we have the perfect gift ideas for you — and we even color-coordinated them by this season’s most popular hues. So get ready — it’s time to start shopping.

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Manny Rodriguez

Blue Daze
>  iP4 Retro Boombox, $200, www.bestbuy.com
1. Marchesa by Lenox Empire Pearl Statement Vase, $375, www.lenox.com
2. Merino Wool Snap Placket Pullover, $79.50, www.bananarepublic.com
3. Sequin Minaudiere, $88, www.cwonder.com
4. Tote Magazine Rack, $98, www.chiasso.com
5. Wallet, $75, www.wurkinstiffs.com
6. Etta Glitter Tweed Pump, $278, www.jcrew.com

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Manny Rodriguez

>  Hour Evan Convertible Leather Crossbody, $150, www.bananarepublic.com
1. Pro Standard Issue WS271 Half Dip Ash Wood Baseball Bat, $79, www.warstic.com
2. Bracelets, top to bottom: Yellow Gold Chain and Almond Oil Cotton Cord Wrap Bracelet, $110, www.chanluu.com
3. Gold Wrap Bracelet, $63, and Leather and Chain Bracelet with Stone, $109, www.beyondbaroque.com
4. Pebbled Leather and Chain Double Wrap Bracelet, $58, www.cwonder.com
5. Crystal Wrap Bracelet on Henna Leather, $240, www.chanluu.com
6. Jambox by Jawbone, $200, www.jawbone.com
7. Baba’s Berry Bowl, $65, www.rshandmade.com
8. Men’s Cashmere Solid Ribbed Knit Cap, $128, www.coach.com