Wondering what became of "Bus Uncle"? The clip itself has spawned numerous versions and parodies. We can now hear the ranting bus passenger's voice mixed with songs by Dr. Dre, Lindsay Lohan, and Hong Kong singer Sammi Cheng. Plus, there are a ton of real-life reenactments, animation spoofs, and the like. There are actually many more YouTube videos about "Bus Uncle" than of the clip itself. And if you haven't seen the original, you're totally lost.

After a month of highly important investigative work in an attempt to unravel the mystery, reporters from a Hong Kong magazine finally tracked down the Bus Uncle, who is named Chan Yuet-tung. The 51-year-old lives by himself in an apartment with five cats, and until his YouTube appearance, his biggest claim to fame was having run in three elections for chief executive of Hong Kong (he didn't win, obviously). He doesn't listen to radio or watch TV, and he had no idea that he was such a superstar.

The media in Hong Kong chewed on the “Bus Uncle” story for days. Chan appeared jovial on camera and laughed off the incident, saying he doesn’t use foul language at all. In the wake of his brief fame, a restaurant hired him to do public relations. But not all citizens considered him a hero. Three men mugged him at work one day, and he ended up in the emergency room.

The tale of Chan and his “Bus Uncle” triumph has now subsided. The videos are still all over YouTube, but the news cycle has passed. Yet in Hong Kong, the legend continues: A current advertisement for a bottled­-water company features a reenactment of the “Bus Uncle” incident — the most-watched episode in bus-transit history.