Do you feel more physically fit, but you don’t know why? Your employer may be sneaking you a workout.

The latest ARCHITECHTURAL TREND is beautiful, functional spaces that require employees to walk more. Take the new Sprint headquarters designed by Princeton, N.J.-based Hillier. Parking lots are a five-minute walk away, viA covered walkways that wind through series of Italianate piazzas with interesting landscaping and fountains. The 200-acre headquarters also has a centralized retail center and four eateries dotted around the campus. Hillier has also opened up spaces for strolling at other clients, such as Accenture and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

“At Sprint, at first we did hear people say it’s kind of a long walk [to their cars], but then it just became part of the routine. Now it’s gone even further and people really appreciate it,” says Phil Dordai, a principal at Hillier. “For 30 years there has been a steady increase in people’s weight and all the health problems that go with it. We need to find ways to get people to increase physical activity.”