Star Trek fans will love this lockable watch from Wherify. Strap it onto your child's wrist, and a postage-stamp-size GPS chip tracks your child's every movement. If in trouble, your child can press two buttons on the watch to summon police. Roughly $300, with monitoring between $7 and $19. Available late summer;; (650) 551-5200.

If a watch isn't your kid's style, consider Digital Angel, a GPS device that also moni- tors heart rate and body temperature. Applied Digital Solutions scrapped plans to market the device as a subdermal implant for children due to negative public feedback. Available October 2001;; (561) 366-4800.

The Active Find from Locate Networks and Glenayre can be clipped onto a belt, tucked into a backpack, or stowed in the glove compartment to provide con-tinuous GPS positioning of anyone or anything. Parents can call the company's location center or log on to a secure Web site to find a teen out after curfew in Dad's new Corvette. About $250 for the device, with service from $9.99 to $14.95 per month.; (425) 732-4000

Spector is a stealth-like software program that acts as an invisible eye and takes periodic "snapshots" of everything kids view while they're online (OK, and what spouses view, too). Parents can review the material later, then make the choice of whether to have that talk with Junior. $69.95;