MiWatcher II is a digital camera with a built-in modem that captures and transmits live color images from the nursery, day-care center, or kindergarten to any PC. $390. Dowontel;; (858) 455-8499

View your latchkey kids from the office with Xanboo's Internet Smart Home System. Using a series of cameras and motion sensors, the system notifies parents via e-mail, cell phone, or pager when their home's front door opens. Then, parents can log on to a secure Web site and see what's going on at home. $149.95, with additional cameras at $59.95 and sensors at $24.95.; (877) 926-2661

Do you want your allowance in cash or on your card? With Visa Buxx (, a parent-controlled, reloadable card, it's kids' choice. Parents put money into an account so kids 13 years and older can shop without greenbacks at any store that accepts Visa. Kids will revel in the freedom of having their own credit card look-alike imprinted with their name, but the aim is to teach teens how to budget, control their spending, and become savvy shoppers. Similar is the American Express Cobaltcard,

Remote-control-wielding 3- to 8-year-olds won't wade into uncharted waters while channel surfing with Weemote. Program up to 10 parent-approved channels, and the rest will be blocked from remote control access (set channels not included) - no V-chip necessary. Kids will enjoy pressing the colorful, geometrically shaped buttons and feel as if they still have control over channel choices. $29.95;; (877) 993-3668