"So it has a very positive influence for society, but the social responsibility is not simply selfless. It's also self-preservation. It's got both."

"They have to spend time on social issues, because otherwise they seem like enemies of the people," Leal agrees. "So they are doing exactly the right thing for the company when they do projects in the country, and say, 'Look, we're not bad. We build towns. We build people.'

"But on another level, they are always speaking about social issues. Definitely Alberto talks the most about that; Henrique takes care of a lot of company things Alberto doesn't have time for. But they are truly a team," Leal adds. "They both like to be different. They like to take risks. They both like a challenge, and are always looking for one. They're like dreamers. They dream about a better world, and then they make it happen."

Before, we spent time stealing,
Looking for trouble here and there, in gangs
Before, they would think ill of us. not anymore!
They know we're in the project, and guide us.
They tell us to continue forward -
That thank god we quit that;
That we should take the chance we've been given;
That, as they say, this train goes by just once:
Those that don't get on won't be picked up again.

- Rap by Darwin "Smelly Feet," Proyecto Alcatraz graduate

Rum Resources
In the U.S., Santa Teresa’s rums are now distributed in 13 states, with a 14th, Massachusetts, soon to come. A mention of the distribution company’s name at any major liquor store in these locations should suffice for patrons wanting to place orders: Arizona and Kentucky (southern wine & spirits), California (bibulous or conquistador importers), Colorado (dionysus), Connecticut (ace), Florida (international wine & spirits), Georgia (united distributors), Illinois (stoller wholesale), Maryland/D.C. (bacchus importers), New Jersey (fedway associates), New York (Eber brothers wine & liquor corporation/Paramount brands), Tennessee (Lipman Bros.), and Texas and Oklahoma (Glazer’s).

Some well-known retail outlets include Crown Wine & Spirits in Miami, Miami being Santa Teresa’s U.S. headquarters, and Beekman Liquors in New York City. The Latter Shop will ship the rum to states that can receive liquor via mail.

Currently, Santa Teresa’s product is not available at airport duty-free outlets in the United States. But the rums are sold at Aldeasa stores at all major airports in Spain where, says Henrique Vollmer, the rum market “is smaller but more premium-brand oriented.” At airports in the company’s home territory of South and Central America — including lima, santiago, and caracas — the major duty-free outlet is motta international.