"It took Germans a while to get used to sushi. But Blue Marlin has Japanese chefs. You can sit at the sushi bar and get a quick fix or you can have a nice dinner in the dining room. It's very young and hip and always busy. Close to my parents' house is the Restaurant Dieter Müller in the Schlosshotel Lerbach, a well-known restaurant in Bergisch Gladbach with one of the few three-star Michelin chefs, Dieter Müller. People fly in from all over Europe to eat there. It's also a great hotel on a beautiful estate with swans and rose gardens. It's magical, because you're in a castle. It's one of the best places I've ever eaten, and I've been to a lot of places. Maca-Ronni serves old, traditional Italian, and Germans love Italian food. It's a famous place where stars eat when they come to town. There are a lot of photos on the walls of people who have been there."

"In Hamburg, which is just four hours by train from Cologne, I always go to Thomas I-Punkt. They have really modern clothing, like beautifully colored sweaters that you can only get there. They're famous for those sweaters. They also have Maharishi pants, the famous designer cargo pants, which is a hard brand to get. Kaufrausch is a big department store with accessories, hats, clothing, everything. A very cool store."