"In Cologne, Carnival is huge. It's like Carnival in Rio. Everyone masquerades. There's a lot of music, sausages, beer, and schnapps. Next year, it runs February 27 through March 5. Every little town around Cologne participates, too. There are floats, and people throw candy from the floats. All these streets get blocked off and it's one float after the other, each with a different theme. I had a float two years ago. We were purple aliens. I'm going to have a float again next year in my town, Bergisch Gladbach, which is 20 minutes outside of Cologne."

"Cologne got hit pretty bad in the war, and the Cologne Cathedral, our famous cathedral, is one of the only buildings that was left. It's beautiful. It's our Empire State Building. What's nice is that you can walk all the way to the top. The stone stairs are so walked on, they all have huge dents in them. You can also do a boat tour on the Rhine, our river, which runs through the city. Then there's the Römisch-Germanisches Museum, where a lot of Roman art is displayed. There are a lot of ancient tools and artifacts preserved in that museum."