"I do business in Frankfurt, which is like Manhattan for Germans, very cosmopolitan. There, I'd stay at the InterContinental, because it's centrally located and is right around the corner from Zeil, the biggest shopping street in town. You can buy anything or do anything on Zeil. From the InterContinental, you can basically walk to shop. The hotel is convenient and modern, with a very professional staff."

"Baden-Baden is an hour and a half outside of Frankfurt. I was just there two weeks ago, at the same time President Clinton was there. The hotel there is Brenner's Park-Hotel & Spa. It's a traditional hotel with a famous spa that offers the best treatments and services, from massages to huge lap pools and steam baths. The famous spring is there, too. Baden-Baden is a beautiful area, very hilly, with beautiful churches and cute German houses."

"The Tiger is a one-star Michelin restaurant that not only has great food, but also the most famous cabaret in town. The Villa Merton has good food as well, and is located in a villa that dates back to 1925. It's a private club on weekends, but open to the public during the week. For authentic German food, go to Steinernes Haus. It's 100 years old, so they must be doing something right."