Resolving to get healthy in the new year? You could hire a trainer. Or you could join the growing number opting instead for a juice cleanse — forsaking solid food for one to five days for prescribed organic, raw fruit and vegetable juices instead. Fans praise this method as a way to quickly and healthily reset and balance the body and mind, with the bonuses of clearer skin and (let’s be honest, the thing we all care about) dropping a few pounds. This digestive Zen doesn’t come cheap — on average, it can cost about $55 per day — but something about it must work: Juicing has become a $5 billion industry in recent years. Here, a guide to some of the key players; unless otherwise noted, all are available nationwide.

TYPE OF JUICE: Blueprint
LENGTH OF PROGRAM: Completely up to the user, but the company suggests three to five days, adding “the longer you go, the better you’ll feel.”
POINT OF DIFFERENCE: The three cleanses offered — Renovation, Foundation and Excavation — are targeted to different levels of experience with cleansing as well as lifestyle habits, as opposed to length of time, like many other cleanses. There is also a bridal cleanse that lasts anywhere from six to 36 days and begins with a nutritional consultation with the company’s registered dietitian.
COST: From $65 a day for six cold-pressed juices
CELEBRITY FANS: Julia Stiles, Ashley Greene, Olivia Wilde, Emmy Rossum, Kevin Love, Blake Lively
CONTACT: (866) 774-6831, extension 3,

TYPE OF JUICE: Cooler Cleanse 
 Choice of three- or five-day cleanses, with customization available
POINT OF DIFFERENCE: The menu changes daily to keep things interesting; clients also have the option to do raw foods for three meals a day.
COST: $58 per day for one nut milk and five juices
CELEBRITY FANS: Salma Hayek (who co-founded the company), Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts, Michelle Williams, Oprah Winfrey

TYPE OF JUICE: Creative Juice
LENGTH OF PROGRAM:  One-, three- or five-day cleanses, with customization available 
POINT OF DIFFERENCE: Creative Juice is a collaboration between the award-winning chefs from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group and the fitness and nutrition experts at Equinox, resulting in juices they say have better flavor and taste to “make the process more enjoyable.”
COST: $55 per day for six cold-pressed juices. While they’re available only at Equinox clubs in New York City and Greenwich, Conn., the company plans to roll out wider distribution in the next year.
CELEBRITY FANS: Tina Fey, Kristin Chenoweth, Michael Strahan
CONTACT: (646) 747-6650,

One, three or five days
POINT OF DIFFERENCE: Users get six different juices every day, with no repeats on any given day. Also, Suja uses a low-heat technology called High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing (HPP) to make its juices, which the company says maintains the integrity of the juices’ essential vitamins, colors and flavors.
COST: $54 per day for six juices
CELEBRITY FANS: Kristen Wiig, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianne Moore, Hugh Jackman, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba
CONTACT: (855) 879-7852,