What do you never leave home without?
"My family."

"Well, now my computer. If you can't get newspapers, if you can't get phone service, it's a great thing to have. I have a Sony VAIO. I'm preparing for the Oscars right now, so I'll bring a little bit of work to do. Some of the movies I have to watch."

Anything you always wear while traveling?
"The funny thing is, if I'm in the hot sun, I wear a baseball hat. Just like everybody else. But people come up to me and go, 'Why are you hiding?' I'm going, 'It's 98 degrees, and I'm in the sun!' But it's, 'Hey, Mr. Incognito!' There's the assumption that because you're in the movies and you're wearing a hat, you don't want to be seen. But I love people. I love meeting them."

What's always in your carry-on bag?
"Music. A headset, you know, an iPod with a mix of music that I like to listen to. John Coltrane or Ella Fitzgerald, a mix of mostly jazz stuff. And then there'll be some symphonic stuff."

Any strategy you use when you travel?
"You have to know how to spend money. If you're going on vacation, go on vacation! Don't be cheap. You're not going to have as good a time. To me, you save up, and then you go and spend it."

Where Billy Crystal goes Hawaiian.

Hilton Waikoloa Village
(808) 886-1234

Kona Village Resort
very expensive
(800) 367-5290

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel
very expensive
(808) 882-7222

Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows