What was it like?
"It was good. It's weird. They're unpredictable. But very respectful. They said they liked 61* [the HBO baseball movie Crystal produced], and were hoping that I would do another movie with Robert De Niro. That's what one of them said. I thought they were very smart. They asked me why Meg and I had never done a sequel to When Harry Met Sally."

Do you ever travel with your costars?
"One year we spent Christmas with Gary Shandling and Robin Williams on Maui, and we went to The Plantation House Restaurant. The service was slow, which can happen in Hawaii. And we went into the kitchen, just joking around, to see where the food was. Finally, the food came out, except Robin stayed in the kitchen because he had an audience. He came out a half hour later."

Where do you go for the big-deal dinner?
"Merriman's. It's a drive up near the volcano. Sometimes there's even snow on the ground. Yeah, you know they can ski in Hawaii. They ski in Mauna Kea. There may be some snow now, up high, on the volcano. And that's always fun to watch while you're in a bathing suit. Merriman's is like going to somebody's house. It has a lot of good fish, but clams in black-bean sauce is the big deal there, and it's really good."

Do you drink the local cocktails?
"Oh, yeah. That's one thing I do do. I will drink a local-type drink, like a mai tai. If you start singing Hawaiian music, you know you've had a great mai tai. And if you start wearing those Hawaiian shirts, you know you've had a good mai tai."