When you need a break from the beach, where do you go?
"We'll get into the tourist mentality and go into Kailua. There are good movie theaters and there's a great pizza place, Basil's Pizzeria. It's a little storefront, right near an art gallery shop. Really, really good New York kind of pizza. There are lines around the block. Some of the tourists know it, but mostly you get townies."

What about when you want to get back to nature?
"When the kids were little, we went to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It's been active since 1983, so there's some lava flowing. Everybody should take the helicopter ride over the volcano. It's spectacular; make sure you do it. Bring your video camera and zoom in and out of the hot lava. It's a spectacular sight to see. It's how the islands were created."

They say that the volcano coughs up enough lava in a week to fill the Astrodome in Houston.
"Well, that's okay, because the Astros have a new field. What's spectacular about the lava is how it has hardened over the years - thousands of years, probably millions of years. What's really fascinating about the Big Island is this ultimate feeling of lushness and green, and then there's this brown, hard volcanic surface that's lunar like. There are some areas where if you turn your back to the ocean and just walk, you'd say, 'I'm on Mars,' or 'I'm on the moon.' Brown's not my favorite color, but when you're out there, it's pretty extraordinary to see. There's lava all over the golf course. Some of it they've used structurally and made like traps with lava inside. That's a funny thing: Instead of staying out of the sand traps, you've got to stay out of the lava beds."