"Kona Village is just these little thatched cottages on a black-sand beach. There are no frills, no TV or anything, and one common dining room. It's sort of a high-end Survivor. If you want to go and just do nothing but read and relax and go in the water, Kona Village is a great place to stay."

What restaurants do you like?

"We really like Roy's. It has all different kinds of food; it's not just Hawaiian. They have really great ribs. I remember the kids loved them. When I go there, it's not about food. Because you eat healthy and there's a lot of fish with two names. A lot of mahi-mahi. I always thought the language sort of sounds like a kid crying, trying to catch his breath. But Roy's is great. Sometimes we go there for New Year's Eve. The CanoeHouse is a restaurant at the Mauna Lani that we've always liked."

Have you done any fishing? Ever reeled in one of those thousand-pound marlin on the Big Island's famous Kona Coast?
"I don't have very good luck fishing. I always go, I always get sick, and I always vow not to do it again. But I always return, thinking, 'I'm going to catch something big, look at it, and then throw it back.' I'd love to do that. We charter a boat and then it's invariably windy. So there are a lot of whitecaps or swells, and I don't think I've caught anything. Yeah, I'm usually the guy at the party who's not having any fun."

What's your favorite Big Island beach?
"There are some really beautiful public beaches. Hapuna Beach is usually voted the best in Hawaii. It's the way that the surf hits, and there are no rocks at the shore, so you don't have to worry about any surprises if you're bodysurfing. And the water's always warm."