No matter what your vision of Hawaii - palm trees, hula dancers, and mai tais at sunset, or rain forests, hiking, lava rock, and exploding volcanoes - there's a Hawaiian island just for you.
What comes to mind when you think of Hawaii? Some envision the bustle of Waikiki, sunbathers posed with Diamond Head crater as a backdrop, constant sunshine, lots of activity both day and night, a Wednesday night luau, and plenty of eye candy. Others see Active Hawaii: rain forest seclusion and hikes into the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Others want Cultural Hawaii: natives beating drums and chanting, local food, immersion in the island's rich history - something completely different from their mainland roots. You can find each of these Hawaiis if you have the inside scoop. Read on for a personality test of the Hawaiian Islands.

MAUI: The Valley Isle

Who should go: Anyone looking for lots of variety and activity.

The minimum time you should stay: Give yourself a week and you'll feel like a local.

Pack: Sundresses, bathing suits, golf attire, casual eveningwear, play clothes.

What you should know: Maui ranks third behind Oahu and the Big Island in terms of population, but it's not all sleepy hamlets and deserted beaches. You'll find white sands, gourmet restaurants, hiking, biking, windsurfing, snorkeling, and a lot more. You can go first-class or budget (okay, that's a relative term in Hawaii), and if you situate yourself on the island carefully, you'll experience Maui your way.