• Christopher Mangless
Christopher Mangless
Three Three Five

If sauté pans were electric guitars and tasting menus were set lists, Christopher Mangless would be the ultimate rock star. The 28-year-old gastronomic prodigy makes his home in Green Bay, Wis., where locals know him as the genius behind the upscale dining studio Three Three Five (www.threethreefive.com). To the rest of the world, though, Mangless is best known as The Traveling Chef.

A graduate of Johnson & Wales University’s culinary-arts program in Denver, the love-struck foodie cooked in his downtime as an outlet to get inventive with his creations, even while working in the most prestigious restaurants. “My days off were spent creating multicourse seasonal tasting dinners in clients’ homes,” Mangless recalls. “As the word spread, I found myself too busy to keep up with both ventures. Something had to give, so I took a leap of faith and began traveling and cooking in people’s homes on a nightly basis.”

Mangless now devotes all of himself to being creative, whether it’s experimenting with crafting wine and artisan caramels (www.jacbcaramel.com), preparing seasonal tasting dinners or designing elaborate events for Grammy-winning entertainers. As The Traveling Chef, Mangless loves sharing his passion by creating dining experiences for clients in their homes or on vacation, but this time of year, he’s spreading the love even further by offering American Way readers this simple and sweet Valentine’s Day dish.


Sweet & Sour Crab Salad

½  cup rice wine
  • Sweet and Sour Crab Salad
Sweet and Sour Crab Salad
Three Three Five
2  tablespoons
Wisconsin honey
1  shallot, medium
½  teaspoon hot
red-pepper flakes
½  teaspoon sea salt
¼  cup grapeseed oil

1  English cucumber,
thinly sliced
1  pound king crab
legs, meat picked
½  pound Napa
thinly sliced
¼  cup fresh mint,
¼  cup fresh cilantro,

Blend first five dressing ingredients, adding oil slowly to emulsify. In a medium bowl, toss remaining ingredients. Salt to taste.