BOTTOM LINE: Hammer says to look at specific companies for investing opportunities, not the overall market or indices. Factor in a company's ability to prosper through uncertainty when you're considering where to put your money. At your own company, set up the contacts and systems you need to identify and respond quickly to change.

ABSOLUTE BOTTOM LINE: The fact that prognosticators like Dent and Hammer contradict each other emphasizes the absence of absolutes in this game of prophesizing. But even if we can't predict with certainty what the future will bring, there's wisdom in seeing the
future through different eyes and preparing for different possibilities. Aesop recognized this when he said, "Every truth has two sides; it is well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either."

Dappen's work has appeared in Reader's Digest, National Geographic Adventure, Outside, and Men's Health, among others.
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