Toys for Tinkering

Attorney Harry Hertzberg’s office is a virtual playland of toys for grown-ups. Pinball machines, trains, a jukebox, and smaller windups and stuffed animals fill every room of his Bronx, New York, office.

“The harder I work, the more I need to play,” says Hertzberg, who adds that his breaks help release stress and reinvigorate him for work — and his clients love them, too.

They’re not alone — most businesspeople have at least one toy on their desks. Toy Tips’ 10th annual executive survey found that 95 percent of respondents think toys for executives are office-
appropriate, and 93 percent believe toys at work can actually boost morale.

Not only do toys provide a quick and sometimes needed distraction, but toys at work can also help with problem solving, team building, and even eye-hand coordination.

Office Playground advises corporate trainers to build toys into their sessions. For instance, handing out small, quiet toys for seminar attendees to manipulate helps them pay attention and encourages participation.

After all, as Hertzberg, a Star Trek fan, notes, “Mr. Spock said on one episode, ‘The more complex the mind, the more the need for play.’"