To red-carpet royalty like Denise Richards, Allison Janney, and Mariska Hargitay, Dr. Harold Lancer is the go-to man for radiance. His $1,500 Lancer Glow procedure repairs and rejuvenates dull and aging skin without invasive “augmentation.” With the introduction of his GLO2W skin-care collection, Lancer is making his exclusive in-office treatment available to the masses — at a fraction of the cost.

By Amy Tara Koch

Describe the in-office Lancer Glow treatment — why is it the It treatment in Beverly Hills?
The Lancer Glow is tantamount to removing the tarnish from silver or detailing your car; it polishes, buffs, and tones the skin on the face, neck, and chest. It’s a noninvasive procedure meant to be a gentle, progressive rejuvenation of the skin, without any downtime or scarring.

There are so many skin-care products on the market. Why did you want to create your own line?
Two years ago, In Style asked me to review hundreds of products. In testing [different] brands, I learned that upscale products were all about marketing, not great chemistry. I decided to formulate a small, simple-to-use collection (there are only four products: Cleanse, Polish, Repair, and Protect25) with highly active ingredients to give consumers a big bang for their buck.

Do the GLO2W products mimic the effect of the Lancer Glow? How does such a small collection have such huge results?
GLO2W offers the newest forms of vitamins A and C (which are absorbed into the skin more rapidly) and Perflurodecalin, an oxygenating agent that increases metabolic function and plumps the skin. Like the in-office Glow procedure, this unique formula delivers oxygen through the epidermis and into the dermis, supplying the skin with the energy and moisture required to stimulate new cell growth. Because the chemistry is so strong (pharmaceutical-grade cosmeceuticals) and concentrated, only four products are needed to achieve results.

Topical antiaging treatments — like your GLO2W collection — are the rage. Can women truly “rejuvenate” the skin without invasive surgery?
The trend today in cosmetic dermatology is moving away from radical, surgical face-lifts and toward less-invasive, gradual changes in one’s appearance. Routine exfoliation and proper hydration help skin retain moisture. Oxygen-based, vitamin-rich products like GLO2W help skin retain plumpness by boosting production of elastin and collagen.

The GLO2W is sold as a set of four products for $350. It can be ordered at or by calling (800) 921-8365.