Treatment: Hot Milk and Almond Pedicure

Bliss Spa, New York, (212) 219-8970,

Following an intensive buffing with a fierce, diamond-sided, flexible fiberglass callus fighter, feet are softened, soaked in a mixture of steamed whole milk and almond oil, then scrubbed into softness. 60 minutes, $65.

DIY: Heat a half gallon of whole milk mixed with a little warm water. While this is heating, add your favorite scented oil to coarse salt to make a rough paste. (This will be used later as an exfoliating scrub.) When the milk-water mixture has reached a comfortable temperature, stir in a drop of almond extract and empty the whole batch into a bowl that’s large enough to comfortably fit both of your feet. Grab your favorite body cream and basic manicure implements.

On dry skin, take your foot buffer and thoroughly go at those callus buildups. File your toenails into a clean square shape, gingerly dip those tootsies in your big bowl of milk, and soak for about 10 minutes. Using the salt mixture, scrub down your legs and feet and then coat your feet and toenails with body or foot cream. Using an orange stick or the nail file, push back your cuticles. Rinse off excess cream. Before polishing your nails, use a cotton ball dipped in a little Sea Breeze or cool water to remove all traces of the cream.

More Body Natural

1. Eyes:
“Use a crushed-cucumber eye pack (grind a quarter of a cucumber, roll it into a compress between two pieces of paper towel) to soothe and depuff the eye area.” — Marcia Kilgore, founder of Bliss Spa, New York

2. Lips: “Organic natural honey can be used to help soften dry lips. Rose oil can also be added for extra soothing and hydrating.” — Dr. Harold Lancer, Beverly Hills

3. Skin: “Exfoliating the skin is key. Natural exfoliants are pineapple, papaya, milk, plain yogurt — these dissolve dead skin cells. Natural, organic oatmeal can be moistened with honey or a moisturizer and gently massaged into clean skin to remove dead skin.” — Dr. Harold Lancer

4. Hair: “To add moisture and shine to your hair (plus, it’s just a healthy treatment), skin a papaya, remove the seeds, and mash the pulp. Work it into your hair and leave on for 10 minutes. Shampoo and rinse.” — Irene Lim, spa and wellness director for Hotel Hana-Maui and Honua Spa, Hawaii

5. Tighteners/Masks: “Egg whites can be lightly whisked and used as a tightening mask. Apply to clean skin for about 10 minutes after exfoliating with pineapple, papaya, milk, or plain yogurt.

“Bananas, honey, and sour cream can be mixed together to make a really nourishing and exfoliating mask. Bananas, honey, and rose oil mixed together makes an excellent hydrating and soothing mask. For combination skin, try honey plus one drop of lavender oil and one drop of rosemary oil, applied as a thin film to the face, neck, and chest. Avocado, an egg yolk, and a squeeze of lemon juice is good for dry skin.” — Dr. Harold Lancer