Within three seconds of meeting you, people form a first impression about the type of person you are, and Yale University found it’s not your face that gives you away or what you say – it’s your hairstyle.

First Impressions and Hair Impressions, a study commissioned by the styling product line Physique, confirms that no style is all good or all bad, and that we do, in fact, judge a book by its cover. Make an appointment with your stylist, then read on.

Who’s the sexiest of them all? Men wearing short, front-flip hairstyles (think Brad Pitt) are perceived as most confident and sexy, and also the most self-centered.

Why Wall Street men walk tall Men with medium-length, side-parted hair are viewed as the most intelligent and affluent – great for that job interview. However, men with these styles are also seen as the most narrow-minded.

Fabio Ain't So Fab Bad news for long-haired Fabio types. The study validates the myth that men with long hair seem to be all brawn and no brains. They are perceived as least intelligent and most careless. But all is not lost – they are also seen as the most good-natured.

Short tresses equal success Women wearing short, tousled hairstyles (Meg Ryan and Charlize Theron) are seen as the most confident and outgoing, an asset when meeting new people or starting a new leg in your career.

Does length matter? It is no surprise that women with long, straight, blond hairstyles, like Gwyneth Paltrow, are perceived as the sexiest and most affluent. By contrast, women with medium-length, casual-looking hairstyles, like Liv Tyler or Sandra Bullock, are viewed as more intelligent and good-natured.