According to Hamilton, “If you drink a good rum, you’ll say, ‘Wow, this is something that’s palatable.’” And, he says some of the best aged rums “are like a fine cognac or whiskey.” He recommends the following four rums.

English Harbour Extra Old Rum
“It’s got a nice smoky flavor, and it’s smooth,” says the self-proclaimed Ambassador of Rum.

El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year-Old Rum
This Guyana rum is “very heavy, smoky-oak-flavored,” says Hamilton. “It’s not what people perceive of as rum. When you taste it, you’ll think it’s new and exciting and different.”

La Favorite Vieux
“It rivals a fine cognac,” he says. “It’s got a smooth flavor and has a bit of cardamom on the finish.”

Neisson Rhum Agricole Blanc
Named one of the best spirits of 2005 by Wine Enthusiast, this sugarcane-juice rum from Martinique has citrus and floral notes that end with a “rich honey and fresh sugarcane finish.”