Where do you like to shop in Madrid? "A girl shop called La Rosa Que No Muere. It's a small shop in a great little shopping area. They have really cool stuff, like great jewelry and jeans. El Corte Inglés is a department store that is everywhere. Those are fun to go into. You can find everything. It's not, like, super expensive, but they are nice. Definitely by Spanish standards, a nice department store."

What are your favorite places for dinner? "When I get tired of eating Spanish food, I go to this Japanese restaurant called Tsunami. It's just a modern, really nice Japanese restaurant with really good food. Then if you want a meal that's not so expensive, there is a chain of places called Museo del Jamón. You can have paella and if you eat meat, the jamón Serrano, the ham. I like going there for an inexpensive bite to eat. There is a great seafood restaurant in Madrid called La Trainera. It's more upscale, but not a foreboding kind of atmosphere. Just delicious."

What do you do at night? "The great thing about Madrid is that it really gets going every single night. It's not like New York where there is a rope and they won't let you into a club. Everyone can go. There's a place I like called Fortuny. It's a disco, and they have a big outdoor area and people are out there just having drinks when it's nice weather. Inside, it's cool. There's the dance floor and there are sofas. It has a nice atmosphere. You can see flamenco shows in Madrid, but it's pretty touristy, because it's not really indigenous to that part of Spain."

Do you stay out late? "Yeah. They don't eat until 10:30 or 11 at night. Then they'll go out after that. So if you go to a club at 1 a.m., it's just kind of getting going. They will go home and sleep for four hours or something and they'll get up and go to work. They'll go home after lunch and have a nice three-hour nap, then they go back to work again. I'm not a big napper, but I definitely like to sit down. My Spanish father, he goes out [meaning to sleep] after lunch. We all kind of, you know, sit down and put our feet up, maybe doze off, or maybe just read. It's nice to have that quiet time to digest."