Visualizing the Domicile. Forget the Thames and the pyramids. You’ve seen one splendorous sight, you’ve seen ’em all. Instead, why not have a PowerPoint demonstration project on a hotel-room wall the backed-up toilet and the stacks of papers on the dining-room table? It’ll make you wish you were there.

Reach Out and Touch It. Can’t you just feel it? No, you can’t. So, what the road warrior needs is programmable headgear to transport him to the home experience. The pressure of the lawn-mower handle as you push the machine through grass that should have been mowed a week ago. Or maybe it’s the weight of the hammer as you regard the painting you’ve meant to hang ever since you moved into the house last year. Nothing says home quite like chores.

A Taste of Home. All of those exquisite gourmet meals get old. What the road warrior really wants is good old-fashioned home cookin’. Presto! A portable just-add-water pouch that delivers the taste of takeout fried chicken, microwaved frozen meatloaf, and canned spaghetti sauce. Mmmm-mmm. There’s just nothin’ like a real home-cooked meal.

With so much technology transforming life on the road, it’s time we used it to help road warriors enjoy a whole new meaning to home away from home.