When roses arrive at the office on Valentine’s Day, they might be as likely to go to Mike as Michelle. Women are becoming as active in gift-giving as men, says Gregory Godek, author of 1001 Ways to Be Romantic (Casablanca Press, $14.95). “Valentine’s Day has always been about men expressing love to women and only in a minor way about women expressing love to men,” Godek says. “With a trend of women and men meeting more in the middle, women are being more romantic to men.” That means more roses, chocolates, and maybe even engagement rings being given to men. The gifts will be more personalized, too. “It will be less about sending a dozen roses and more about how it’s presented,” he says. For example, roses might arrive accompanied by a customized CD of favorite love songs. “Gifts will be about expressing love for your partner,” notes Godek. After all, “love is genderless.”