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Not long ago, the only place you’d find a tie clip was beneath a heap of clutter on an older gentleman’s dresser. But all that changed last year, when sales of tie clips suddenly spiked, says Greg Shugar, CEO of TheTieBar .com in Naperville, Ill. “We attribute it in large part to the TV show Mad Men. It’s become very influential [on] men’s fashion, and all their actors wear tie bars.”

Before tacking one on, here’s what you need to know:

To start with, clips are just one type of tie restraint. Clips and bars slide over the tie; they can also attach to the shirt placket for control — useful in an encounter with soup or brisk wind. Tie tacks pierce the tie, then connect with a chain anchored to a buttonhole. Tie chains hook over a button but, unlike tacks, don’t damage the tie.

For placement, try between the third and fourth shirt buttons.

Bar width depends on the tie — match it. For the finish, match bar to belt buckle, watch and other metallic accents.

  • Image about the-return-of-the-tie-clip---americanway

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