"Casa Molina is the Mexican restaurant my parents have to take me to when we go back. There's like five Casa Molinas, but we go to Casa Molina Central. I always go there for a quick Mexican food fix, which I gotta have the moment I land. Not to bag on California Mexican food, but Arizona Mexican is the real deal. Another spot is Rosa's, which is a hole in the wall in the center of town. You feel like you're back in the grade school cafeteria, but the grub can't be beat. There's also Café Poca Cosa in the old Tucson area. It's got an excellent bar, kind of a cantina. Gavi is a fine Italian place on Broadway. It has a super-casual vibe to it. They have an interesting wine collection and great food. The things they can do with a pork chop are amazing. Vivace is fine Italian dining, and is run by Dan Scordato. The Scordato family was serving food in Tucson back when John McCain was getting beat up in school for rambling about term limits."

"Bob Dobbs' Bar & Grill is as local a hangout as you can find, as far as just being able to grab a cold beer. They've got a little grill. It's a good watering hole, a great place for music some nights. King Fisher is another good local spot."


The Drive

"The I-10 drive from Tucson to Phoenix is possibly one of the loneliest drives a human being can make. But I love it. It takes two hours, and it's just incredibly desolate. If you ever need to do some thinking, this is the drive. You need lots of water; I can't emphasize that enough. Water and enough gasoline to get you there. The only real sight to see from Tucson to Phoenix is Picacho Peak, basically a small mountain, which is the only place the Civil War was fought in Arizona. I always thought it sounded like a great movie idea."