"I stay either at my mom and dad's or up at Ventana Canyon Resort, which was built when I was going to school in Tucson back in the late '80s. It's held up. It's very interesting in that they went out of their way to have it blend in with the environment. There's a great golf course, a nice spa, and it's close to three or four good hikes. At the Flying V Bar & Grill at the resort, you sit overlooking a lake on the 18th hole. You listen to the desert, eat well, and realize how we'd all be so much better off if golf had never been invented. Tanque Verde Guest Ranch is one of the oldest guest ranches in Tucson, literally on the edge of civilization. It's a great place to get away, if you're looking for serenity. There's also Hacienda del Sol, a really cute little hotel with a great restaurant that overlooks all of Tucson. It's pretty at night."

"Tucson sits at the base of Mount Lemmon. It gets good snow in the winter; there's skiing up there, a couple of little chalets. So anytime in the winter, it's a great place to visit, and in the summer, it's an escape from the heat. It's kind of unbearable in the summer in the Southwest in terms of the heat for two or three months, but this is a perfect place to seek refuge from it. There are lakes, forestland, hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, horse trails. It's an ideal spot, and just incred-ible views. You can see down into Mexico and beyond on a clear day."

"I used to enter Sabino Canyon with beer. Now, I go in with mineral water, which is the most significant change in my life, as I get older. There's a tram that takes you like seven miles up and then, if you hike in from various points, there're waterfalls and running creek beds and rivers and an incredible amount of wildlife. The other hike is right behind the Ventana Canyon Resort. It goes way into this beautiful canyon. Once you get two, three miles in, it has one of the best vistas in Tucson."