Is there a place to get near the water outside of town? I almost took a house at a place called Tybee Island, this fantastic island that is out on the coast. There's a great lighthouse there, Tybee Island Light Station - historic, one of the oldest in the country. It's beautiful, and you can tour it. Not to get "Henry historical" here, but when they settled the place, they almost were going to make that the first part of the settlement. But it's all very marshy and wet, so that's why they came in on the river about 15 miles and settled Savannah where it is now. But Tybee Island has these incredible chalk-white beaches and great old houses. I mean, they are just absolutely beautiful. You can jet-ski, you can fish. I'm into kayaking a little bit, and there are a few great rental spots where you can get kayaks and shoot out any which way. You have to be a little careful.

Where else do you like to go outside of Savannah? Another great day trip from Savannah is to Beaufort, South Carolina, where they filmed The Big Chill. I went to the house where the movie was filmed, because I love that movie, and the house sits right on a big bluff. That's a beautiful little town, probably only 35 minutes up the road. We had lunch overlooking the water. Then we went on to do what was really important - golf - which was another 10-minute drive onto Hilton Head Island. They have a huge PGA event there, the Harbour Town Golf Links at Sea Pines Resort - an unbelievable course set up on the inland coast. If you're a golfer, Hilton Head Island is one of the top golf destinations in the country. I don't know how many courses there are, but they are all pretty staggering. Mostly par-fours. If you don't have a decent 56-degree wedge in your bag, do not stop at this course. It's not tremendously long, but it demands real skill. Which is why I hate it.

Anything else? They have fantastic deep-sea fishing off the coast. In less than 15 minutes, you can be in some very active water.

Did you do it? Oh yeah. And I caught a 385-pound tuna.

Did you really? No, but it would be a great story.

Why does Savannah Looks Like Savannah?
The architecture there is really unique. You can see why it captured the imagination of people when they did Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The city has burned down a bunch of times. But back in the 1950s, I guess, they were starting to do what they're doing in beautiful little cities and towns across the country, which is to go in and blow up their old buildings and put up parking lots and condominiums. And there were these seven women who formed this group called the Historic Savannah Foundation, and they started raising money. They raised, like, $22,000. When they were about to tear down the 1820 Isaiah Davenport House, which is a pretty famous place, the group jumped in and bought the property. Subsequently, the Davenport House was saved from the wrecking ball. They had such success with that, they didn't stop. To this day, whenever an old structure comes up for sale, rather than let it get into the hands of somebody who might rob the city of its history and architectural legacy, this group will step in and buy it and find a way to preserve it. That's why Savannah still looks like Savannah.