I've heard there are haunting tours, Old Town trolleys, Savannah spirits, a pub crawl … Every kind of creepy, paranormal, freaky, spooky experience you'd want to have is available. For a price. The cemetery I remember best is Colonial Park. The history there is amazing because it's not like Los Angeles, where you see, you know, here lies so-and-so from 1935 to '74. This is all, like, eighteenth-­century stuff. The weird thing is that a lot of the locals in the evening hour will show up there in the park with their dogs and allow the dogs to run free and kind of get their evening exercise - and the locals will pop open a canteen of their favorite evening cocktail. They are very, very nice people, and they all sit around and have a cocktail and watch the dogs running around in the cemetery. It's one of the more surreal dog parks in the country, if not the world. My dog, actually, was not used to gravestones in the parks that he plays in and ran headfirst into a gravestone at about 20 miles an hour. We had to take him to a local vet with the help of some friendly Savannah citizens.

Do you think he was chasing a ghost or something? Could have been. You never know with my dog. He's been seeing ghosts ever since he was born.

Okay, that's enough about ghosts. Is there any shopping in Savannah that you'd like to speak about? They've really got incredible antiques, and the art scene is very, very cool. There's SCAD, which is the Savannah College of Art and Design. So they have always got pieces by young up-and-coming artists on display throughout the downtown area. In fact, I bought a painting there. I saw a painting called The Horrible Dog that I really liked and decided to buy it the next day. It was just a freaky-looking hound. I did one of those things where I said, "Yeah, I'll wait until tomorrow." I showed up the next day, and it had the dreaded red dot on it. It had been purchased. I was, like, "You're kidding me. Who bought this?!" And the woman said, "Well, I believe it was Keanu Reeves," who was doing The Gift as well. He had come in that morning, just totally coincidentally, and bought it. So, of course, I was sad. I was bemoaning the fact that he had stolen this incredible painting, The Horrible Dog, right out from underneath me. But on the last day of shooting, wrapped up in my trailer with a little bow on it was The Horrible Dog. Just to give you some indication of what a decent fellow Mr. Reeves is.

Where can you find the spirit of the city? A cool area downtown is called City Market, right on the river. It used to be a bunch of warehouses, kind of cotton mills and stuff, which they essentially transformed into these little studios and galleries, shops, ­restaurants, some nightclubs. It's a big area. They have a great Sunday market that's mostly local vendors who have great little arts and crafts, things like that. River Street, that's another kind of thing. They have something called First Saturday, which is kind of like a bazaar of local people who sell different things. It's a great way to burn off a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee. And if you have a hangover, that's okay too.

Where did you eat? There are a couple of great places. Il Pasticcio, which is on Broughton Street, is a great Italian spot. It's very loved down there now, but I was there when it had kind of just opened. I'd like to point out to the jury that I was loving it way before the food critics jumped on board and said they were loving it. Everything is very fresh, and it's very contemporary Italian. They were ­always playing around with dishes that were just a little ahead of a conventional Italian restaurant. Sapphire Grill - that's a great place to get a drink, and also it has very good food. Sapphire Grill is darker; it has a really cool ­atmosphere, great music, and American

Savannah is legendary for its carefree spirit. Did you discover any great bars or taverns? Moon River Brewing Company. They brew their own beer. I think it's one of the biggest breweries in the South. Just a real eclectic mix of great beer and ale, if you're into that, which I kind of am. That was a spot we would frequent.