Greg Schwem

That’s a lot of beers.

Okay, that was uncalled for. No more. I promise.

Speaking of beer, Junkyard Dog and his cronies welcome me to their circle and pour me a cold one: Green Bay hospitality at its finest.

“We tolerate you,” Jim says, referring to Bears fans. “I think Green Bay fans are more knowledgeable, but Bears fans are better tippers.”

I explain that’s because Chicagoans are not used to paying $6 for a pitcher of suds. Ours run around $13, which explains the 55-percent gratuity we leave on the bar.

Not all Packers fans are so tolerant, though, as I discover one morning while eating breakfast at Skip’s Diner, another popular Green Bay establishment.

“I’m definitely not a Chicago fan,” says Dale Cenefelt, 64, who lives three blocks from Lambeau. “But when you guys come up here, our town makes a lot of money.”

“So does our jail,” adds Allen Schroeder, my waiter at Skip’s that morning. Packers fans are nothing if not amusing.