Classic American taverns? Greasy food and ice-cold beer. Neoclassic American taverns? Upscaled renditions that deliver gourmet grub while keeping the vibe cozy, casual, and cocktail-friendly. An eight-foot sculpted mermaid greets landlubbers at the supernautical seafoodie Misconduct Tavern (215-732-5797) in Philadelphia. Clam and fish chowders launch the menu at the yacht-circuit-wannabe Regatta Pub (978-740-6990) on the waterfront in Salem, Massachusetts. And at Manhattan’s Silverleaf Tavern (212-973-2550), you’ll find a menu spanning surf (roasted shellfish) and turf (lamb chops), a drinks update with Colonial quaffs (think peach julep), and communal dining that encourages the age-old tavern tradition of gabbing.