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There’s a reason it’s called the great outdoors. Fresh air, babbling brooks, mountain vistas. Grab a slice of America’s natural beauty this summer by taking a camping trip. Just be sure to clean up after yourself, and take along a few of our favorite camping must-haves.
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1 Tech4O Discover GPS Watch
Know exactly where you are at all times, whether you’re camping, hiking, running, cycling or sailing. You can even track your heart rate and calorie burn as you work off all those campfire s’mores. $200, www.tech4o.com

2 Lorpen Tri-Layer Trail Light Socks
Pamper and protect your feet with these all-weather essentials. Three layers of yarn are combined to create a durable sock that resists blisters and moisture. $13, www.lorpen.com

3 High Peak Mt. Rainier 20 Sleeping Bag
Three words: windproof, waterproof and breathable. Keeps the moisture out (it has taped seams) while ensuring you don’t wake up with morning sweats. Perfect for temps down to 20 degrees, and, for romantics, two bags can be zipped together. $117, www.highpeakusa.com

4 Kayland Zephyr Hiking Boots
Somebody’s gotta haul a bunch of gear. If that somebody is you, lace up a pair of Zephyrs. Maximum waterproofing, breathability and odor control, and quick-drying capabilities. $200, www.kayland.com

5 Eureka! Apex 3XT Tent
Why “3XT”? Because it’s built for three-season trips, sleeps three people and is a freestanding dome tent. Sturdy and roomy. $170, www.eurekatent.com