Clearly, men have come out of hiding when it comes to caring how they look. What were your impressions during your hunt for good skin-care products?
I found that premium products could only be found in the women’s cosmetics department. So, like most men, I was using products that I found on a drugstore shelf — and they’re as basic and ordinary as you can get.

Bust a couple of misconceptions for us about modern men and their appearance.
Probably the biggest misconception is that men don’t care that much about their appearance, which ties into the next misconception that men have little interest in skin-care products. The truth is that men spend a lot of time and money on their appearance. They care about the quality and style of their clothes, they color their hair, some even go so far as to try plastic surgery. And until now, they’ve had to use whatever skin-care products were available.

You worked with Shiseido scientists on your new line. They certainly know skin. Give us three things you learned that surprised you?
The amount of resources invested in the technology of each product was mind-blowing. I was also impressed by the breadth of the product testing prior to bringing the line to market. This process showed me that, like any other industry, you have to work the hardest to be the best.

What’s your own morning skin-care ritual?
Each morning, I use a facial cleaner and eye serum.

Evening ritual?
In the evening, I use a facial scrub, a pore-reduction gel, and more eye serum.

Luxury is a key component in your skin-care line. Why?
Think about it. I have a luxury fashion collection, so it only makes sense to do a luxurious skin-care collection. I use the finest fabrics for my clothing, and I want the same quality for the ingredients in the skin products. People notice. They notice what you wear, and they notice how you’re groomed. Everyone wants to make a great first impression. Healthy skin is an important element in looking and feeling wonderful.

Your line is very comprehensive. It even includes a concealer. What are the reactions to that product?
During the market research, the concealer was the most talked about and most requested product. You’d be surprised how aware men are of their skin flaws.

You’ve said, “The uniform is dead.” Give us three other menswear clichés that should RIP.
“Casual Fridays are the future.”
“Black shirts look fine with a black tux.”
“Black is the new black.”