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Chris Philpot
You can’t visit a golf shop these days without hearing about custom club fitting, in which your swing gets measured and then matched to clubs bearing the exact specs that will help you consistently hit the ball well. Sounds like a dream, right? Not exactly. While club fitting can help most golfers who have been playing for a while and have a repeatable swing, it’s wasteful and possibly ?detrimental to golf newbies, players with poor swing habits, anyone with a bad back, those who rarely play and/or golfers who plan on losing lots of weight soon. Why? These player types don’t have repeatable swings, or they have either a changing physique or a swing that’ll change once their body heals. And getting clubs that fit the current swing will serve as only a temporary Band-Aid to their game. In fact, it may even encourage bad swings in the future that fix present flaws but prevent improvements. You can take comfort in experts’ claims, however, that more than 90 percent of golfers can actually play close to their full potential with off-the-rack, standard clubs. That said, custom-fitted clubs are ideal for golfers happy with their swing who want to fine-tune their ball flight and take their game to the next level.