• Just because you always hit your ball in the water doesn’t mean you have to get wet, too. The new Stormtight golfwear collection from Sun Mountain includes a short-sleeve rain shirt and a half-zip vest. Both are breathable, lightweight, and 100 percent waterproof. The short-sleeve shirt comes in six different colors; the vest comes in five, none of which run in the rain. Short-sleeve, $80; vest, $70. (800) 227-9224, — JOSH SENS

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  • Looks like a golf club, works like a golf club, so it must be … wait, it doesn’t sound like a golf club. It’s a SmartSwing club, with built-in sensors that evaluate your moves and sound off when you’re right — or wrong. It also records 100 swings for analysis on your home PC. $649-$790, or tech up your clubs at $699 per. (888) 794-6418,, or select retail stores — TRACY STATON

  • Planning a trip to Spain? Then visit A catalog and booking site for more than 250 properties in Spain, it lists all the hotels near great golf courses.

  • Guaranteed to suit you to a tee time, arranges outings to the best courses in Nevada, Arizona, Mexico, and beyond.

  • Every golfer loves a straight-shooting website: offers honest reviews of courses and course architecture around the world. It even lets you post your own opinion.

  • Relax — that isn’t another water hazard. It’s a large reflecting pool, the centerpiece of the new PGA Tour Spa Laterra at World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida. The spa offers a rejuvenating range of treatments, but it’s the outdoor pool that’ll really catch your eye. It has three floating teahouses that double as massage pavilions, and it laps against the edge of an outdoor hot tub, where you can soak up the soothing setting while reliving your good shots — and forgetting the bad. $70-$170. (866) 400-8882, — JOSH SENS