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One thing you can say about golf shoes: They’re better looking than bowling shoes. But for the sport that starts from the ground up, they’d better be comfortable — plus attentive to the performance-conscious and, for the truly dedicated, waterproof. Hard-spike models are now as rare as typewriters and about as welcome at most courses as a smoker in church. In a soft-spike world, here are five good choices.

By Thomas Bedell

ONE: The Danish shoemaker ECCO makes comfort its first priority, using a direct-injection technology to create highly cushioned insoles. The New Classic Crossfire is a stylin’ blend of traditional saddle with interweaving bands of high-grade leather. $140. (877) 240-2365, www.eccousa.com

TWO: Nike turned to one of its staff players for some inspiration with the newest addition to its Sports Performance line. The stylish Grace Park, a six-time winner on the LPGA tour, wanted a good-looking shoe that kept her grounded throughout her swing, and the SP-6 is the fashionable result. $130. (800) 922-6453, www.nikegolf.com

THREE: Spikeless pioneer Etonic has introduced a shoe for ardent players that’s engineered with three technical zones (hence the Difference 3Z moniker) aimed at producing a stable platform, flexibility for walking comfort, and Gore-Tex waterproofing. $159. (866) 838-6642, www.etonic.com

FOUR: The Adidas Tour 360 shoe is a striking bit of design in a variety of bold color combinations. But if the mod athletic look is a departure in a golf shoe, the intent is clear enough — here’s another piece of serious equipment. $180. (800) 888-2582, ­adidasgolf.com/360

FIVE: All Tehama golf shoes have a “Hang ‘em Dry” moisture-wicking lining, a reference to one of Clint Eastwood’s many Westerns. But the company principal is an avid golfer looking for maximum traction and comfort (plus style) on and off the course. The Charles model in brown is always camera-ready. $150. (972) 735-9113, www.tehamainc.com