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Golf carts have moved from the fairways to the parkways as the environmentally aware mode of transport among both the city and suburban crowds, with short jaunts to your favorite coffee shop or neighborhood school being as green as they are luxurious in Garia’s new “golf car.”

Think of the street-legal, Danish-?designed Garia LSV — which comes in 768 combinations of colors, styles and upgrades — as the Porsche of golf carts. No, really. It’s built in the same factory as the Boxster and the Cayman, and it has the blue-blood features to prove it: Beverages stay chilled in the built-in refrigerator while passengers cruise around on hand-stitched, water-resistant upholstery.

It may be classified as an LSV (low-speed vehicle), but don’t let that fool you. It zips along at a top speed of 25 mph and boasts an advanced Formula 1–inspired front suspension for nimble handling — a necessity when dodging slow-paced dog walkers. From $17,500; www.garia.com