Michelle T. Sterling packs a certification by the Association of Image Consultants International and is principal of the Global Image Group (www.globalimagegrp.com), which is all about image, impression, and impact — clothes, manners, communication, protocol, the works. Two burning questions we had for her: What style mistakes do men make on the job? And, how can they fix them? 
5 Most Common Mistakes
1) Not dressing the part. A well-fitted suit confirms you mean business. And if your look hasn’t changed in the last five to 10 years, it’s time for an update — or else your image will communicate, “I’m out of date.”

2) Improper hygiene. The “I just rolled out of bed” look is best kept out of the boardroom. A good shave and well-manicured hands and nails demonstrate your attention to detail.

3) Wearing the wrong watch. Sports watches are named that for a reason. Unless you work in an environment where sporty attire is acceptable, fasten on a sleek timepiece to communicate style and class.

4) Overstuffing the wallet. If it’s worn-out, ripped, or falling apart, it’s time for a new one. And if it’s stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey, clean it out. Order in your wallet reflects some order in your life.

5) Mismatching shoes. A common mistake is wearing casual, thick-soled shoes with a suit. When you’re wearing something tailored and refined, your shoes should reflect the same. Well-polished dress shoes speak volumes about your credibility. Have at least one pair of plain, lace-up shoes in black and brown. You can dress them up or down if they have a thin sole. Alternate your shoes every day to let them breathe. If you wear only black or only brown, have two different pairs for alternate use.

Get a crisp white shirt. It’s basic and classic and is appropriate for every occasion. If you find a plain weave boring, get one with some texture.

Choose the right trousers. If you’re thick around the middle, you’ll want pleats to give you more room. If you’re in good shape, flat-fronts will compliment your body better.

Get a trendy shirt. Purchase a few fashionable shirts with each season’s interesting designs or textures. Shirts with cuff links are in style — even if worn without the cuff links.

Invest in a very nice belt. Purchasing a high-quality leather belt that reverses to black and brown will last years and will help pull your outfit together — not to mention match your new dress shoes.