The Whole World in Their Hands

Globalization may be inevitable, but it shouldn’t — and doesn’t have to — run unchecked, argues Barry Lynn in End of the Line: The Rise and Coming Fall of the Global Corporation ($26, Doubleday). Lynn’s hyper-clear analysis of the forces driving today’s global businesses shows how powerful yet vulnerable they really are, and the information sets up an argument for change. Let’s hope the powerful are listening. — Tracy Staton

Cool Rules

As Yoda might say: The ways of the office, twisting and treacherous they are. So we welcome You Can’t Win a Fight with Your Boss & 55 Other Rules for Success ($15, Harper Business) by Tom Markert, global chief marketing officer with ACNielsen and a former Citicorp honcho. A few nuggets:

#11: Stay on the right side of the boss’s spouse. “He or she can be as deadly to your career as your most bitter enemy.”
#21: Start and end meetings on time. Being late says, “This isn’t very important.”
#36: Listen for what you don’t hear. The higher you climb, the less likely anyone will tell you bad news — unless you demand it.
#39: You can’t say “thank you” enough.
#51: Accept politics. It’s a fact of office life. Deal with it.
#53: Party, but know your limits.
— Chris Tucker