Canada's golf gods have set up a series of varied and valuable golf trails that are luring hundreds of American duffers north each year.
Modeled after the highly successful golf trails in the lower 48, sprinkled mainly among several southern U.S. states, two noteworthy golfing trails have recently opened in Canada, with more possibly on the way. The trails, the Glen Abbey Golf Trail and Niagara Golf Trail, both located in the province of Ontario, offer course ratings, centralized tee times, and Web sites with maps and detailed descriptions, along with trail packages offering discounts for multiple-course play.

"We were looking for something unique, something that would tie our new, high-end courses together and lure American golfers north to see what we have to offer," says Charles Lorimer, a v.p. at Canada's ClubLink Corporation, which owns all of the trail stops on the Glen Abbey Trail. "We want people to know they're going to have a pleasant, upscale golfing experience when they play any of the trail courses," adds Niagara Parks Commission director of golf Bob McIlveen, who operates the Niagara Trail.

These two new Canadian golf trails do just that for anyone who wants to play a lot of golf in a short amount of time in some unbelievably scenic conditions. So next time you're headed to the Great White North, pack your clubs and check out these two top-notch trails. Happy golfing, eh.

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This first trail, which officially opened in early 2001, consists of four ClubLink courses and stretches from just outside of Toronto, the home of the flagship Glen Abbey Golf Course, to the Rocky Crest, Grandview, and Lake Joseph golf clubs 90 minutes or so north in the Muskoka region. All four courses are within a two-hour drive, with Rocky Crest, Grandview, and Lake Jo all within an hour of one another.