Ginnifer Goodwin woos and wows in Something Borrowed.

Hollywood may have found its next queen of romantic comedies in Ginnifer Goodwin. The Big Love star charmed audiences as the bumbling lovefool in 2009’s He’s Just Not That into You. And in next month’s Something Borrowed, a big-screen adaptation of the smash novel, the 32-year-old Memphis, Tenn., native aims to win the love of her best friend’s man. We’re pretty sure she’s going to win yours too.

American Way: You play Rachel, the serious lawyer, to Kate Hudson’s Darcy, the spitfire center of attention. Which are you in real life, a Darcy or a Rachel?
Ginnifer Goodwin: [Laughs] Rachel and I have a lot of overlapping qualities. I’d never have an affair with a best friend’s fiancé, but at the same time, I’ve always been someone who follows my heart. And then, there are parts of myself that are Darcy-esque — the qualities that help me move forward in life and help me survive, but they’re not necessarily the most likable.

AW: Rachel has very specific goals for herself when she turns 30. Do you find that you’re living differently in your 30s?
GG: I was a little jolted when I woke up on my 30th birthday and realized that you can’t ever go back to being younger. It was like, “Oh, I do have to start thinking about things like getting married and having children.” But at the same time, I am definitely happier in my 30s. I’m a better prioritizer than I used to be. I have less tolerance for foolishness and for wasting time.

AW: At the heart of this movie is a very complicated female friendship. What does your circle of friends encompass?
GG: I don’t have a lot of Hollywood friends. I have four extremely close girlfriends, one of whom is my little sister. They are the people I can count on 24 hours a day. It’s not a very crowded place, my social life. But it’s a place full of perfectly amazing people.